Artist-Wilderness Connections

The Artist-Wilderness Connections are a very exciting and fundamental part of the Wilderness Act Performance Series.  The Artist-Wilderness Connections are a wonderful interactive way for artists to celebrate of phenomenal Wilderness Act of 1964 by develop inspiration from a specific natural area.  The goal of Artist-Wilderness Connections is to develop a community based perception of Wilderness through music, poetry, and visual art.

The Artist-Wilderness Connections are formed by partnering artists with one of the hosting venues.  Each venue will host a group of artists through out the summer.  Three “field seminar” days will be scheduled for the artists to work with their hosting venue’s employees and naturalists.

In the “field seminars”, the composers and artists will have an opportunity to become intimately aware of the unique ecosystems they’re involved with.  The employees and naturalists also have an opportunity to approach environmental education from a more creative perspective.

All of the music, poetry, and visual art created from the Artist-Wilderness Connections will be premiered at the hosting venue’s scheduled Performance Series date.

Composers will be composing for Chamber Cartel and given a specific instrumentation to work with.  All performances will be recorded.

Poets will compose their poetry and present a reading.  The poetry will also be presented in a legible format for display at each venue.

Visual Artists will premiere their work at the performance event and have an opportunity for an extended showing as determined by the specifics of the hosting venue.  Visual Artists may include, but are not limited to, painters, drawers, digital designers, photographers, potters, sculptors, woodworkers, metalworkers, animators, film.

If you are an interested Composer, Poet, or Visual Artist, please thoroughly review all the information on this website.  Then email me,, the following information:


1.  A brief statement of why you’re interested in the WAPS.

2. An online link to samples of your art work, poetry, or music.

3. A bio and resume w/ contact info.


Submission Deadline:  Friday May 16, 2014 5:00 pm


Here is an example of the time line and level of scheduled commitments.

May 18, 2 – 4 pm: Introduction meeting for all Composers and Artists at Woodlands Garden of Decatur.  This is a required meeting where we will go over the entire schedule in detail, assign you your Venue, do a shot work shop on the Wilderness Act and ways of mindfully approaching your Artist-Wilderness Connection.

June:  In June the participating Artists will participate in 3 – 4 scheduled group field seminar days with the naturalists and employees of their assigned venue.  Each field seminar will focus on different aspects of the venue’s unique environmental qualities, it’s human history, and how it is involved with the greater community.

** The June Field Seminar Schedules are listed on each Venues profile page. **

July:  July is the time when the composing and artistry should be developed.  The artists will be involved with their personal creative reflections and contemplations.  This should be done through repeated visits to their park and further investigations on their chosen topic.

August:  All compositions and creations should be in their final stages.  A deadline in mid August will be set for all finished compositions and art works.

Then we will get ready to premiere all the creations during the Wilderness Act Performance Series!!