Atlanta Green Spaces

CNC - rocks

The Artist-Wilderness Connections with the hosting venues in Atlanta are unique collaborations developed between each environmental area and the participating artists.  Groups of diverse artists and musicians will be formed to work with each green space through out the summer of 2014.  The goal of the collaborations is to allow the artists and composers to have a hands-on educational experience with naturalists, scientists, and employees of their hosting venue.

Taylor and Stephen  Cascade Springs - Pool

These collaborations are beautiful opportunities to draw inspiration from a place of specific beauty.  Through their naturalist studies, the artists will learn about the distinct ecosystems they are involved with.  It is from these educational days that the artists will be encouraged to continue their contemplations on and develop inspiration from.

As well as the artists, the venues and naturalists have a wonderful opportunity to connect with their visitors and the broader public on a more creative level than is usually available.  Through the Artist-Wilderness Connections the Naturalists will be able to share their park’s natural beauty on a very intimate passionate level with the public through music and art.

Poplar Leaf

Snow Crystals