Shambhala Tibetan Meditation Center – Sept. 14th

Performance Event: September 14th, 4:00 – 6:00 pm

The Shambhala Tibetan Meditation Center of Atlanta is very active in the Wilderness Act Performance Series as both a hosting Performance Venue and the acting Fiscal Agent for the health and sustainability of the project.

The Shambhala Center’s unique role in the Performance Series brings to the forefront the importance of individual perception.  As humanity grows, perceptions of our immediate and global environments change with societies’ developing philosophies.  Our human perceptions of wilderness, nature, and Earth are imperative to the health and sustainability of all life on this planet.



Gabe Monticello – Composer; Stephen Wood – Composer; Anji Sarumi – Poet; Janna Dudley – Multimedia Artist; Julie Henry – Visual Artist


Artist-Wilderness Connection Field Seminar Schedule:

“Our World is a Living Sacred World”

1. Monday June 2, 8 am – 12 pm – “Internal Environment”

2. Monday June 9, 8 am – 12 pm – “External Environment”

3. Saturday June 21, 4 pm – 10 pm – “Midsummer’s Day Festival”

4. Monday June 23, 8 am – 12 pm – “Contemplation”, Closing Conversation


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