Abi Konnig – Poet

Abi Konnig is an Atlantan poet whose life work is dedicated to simplicity, sustainability, and inclusivity.  


“Environmental stewardship begins with paying attention to nature.  Artists are uniquely equipped to communicate what they find in nature to others.  Art, music, and poetry are, to me, the most illuminating approaches we have to understand nature on her terms and what nature means to us.  Without understanding it is difficult to know, or even care, if our actions help or harm nature and ourselves.

My interest in WAPS is rooted in my passion for environmental stewardship and for exploring connections between humans and the natural world.  Although I do find wonder in the mysterious nonhuman elements of wilderness, I also understand wilderness as inextricably intertwined with what it means to be human.  As a poet I am interested in exploring ways that humanity can be shaped by wilderness.”


Abby Profile pic

Born in the wilds of west Michigan, Abi spent her childhood climbing sand dunes, swimming in the Great Lakes, picking apples, and reading as many books as she could get her hands on.  In 2012, Abi graduated from Calvin College with a B.A. in Stories and Development and a minor in Environmental Studies.  She then traveled to Atlanta to serve with Lutheran Volunteer Corps and fell in love with the landscapes and people of Georgia.

Currently, Abi works in communications for a nonprofit organization and lives in The Wonky Haus Community, an intentional community located in Old Fourth Ward that explores simplicity, sustainability, social justice, inclusivity, and radical hospitality.  Abi’s poetic inspirations include Louise Gluck, T.S. Eliot, Mary Ruefle, and Lauren Zuniga, among others. Her poetry explores themes of feminism, sexuality, nature, self love, travel, and community.