Connor Way – Composer

Connor Way is an up and coming Atlanta composer pursuing his B.A. in Music Composition and Harp Performance from Georgia State University.  

“Having been born within walking distance of Stone Mountain Park, my personal identity is deeply linked to the wilderness surrounding Atlanta. Participating in the Artist-Wilderness Connection Program gives me an opportunity to explore the question, ‘What are the possible ways a sense of place can inform and pervade my music?’ Using the sights and smells of the Piedmont region’s ecosystems as a genesis for musical creation interests me quite a bit.”

Connor Way pic

Connor Way is studying composition at Georgia State University’s School of Music under Brent Milam and Nickitas Demos. He also studies harp performance under Elizabeth Remy Johnson of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

Connor’s Brazen Age for brass quintet and Movement & Repose for woodwind trio have both received premiers at GSU’s Kopleff Recital Hall.  Connor’s newest work Logos for marimba/vibraphone, piano, and percussion was selected for a performance at the 2013 PARMA Music Festival in Portsmouth, NH.

Connor has served as both the Treasurer  and Vice President of GSU’s Society of Composers, Inc student chapter.