Simon Salt – Photographer

Simon Salt is a visual storyteller.  Simon was taught Stewardship in the Boy Scouts, Collaboration in the Military, Preservation as a Greenpeace Campaigner, Respect as a Wildland Search & Rescue Team leader and Beauty through photography.

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“The natural environment has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember playing an active role in who I have become as an adult.  Human beings are as much a part of the Wilderness as the flora and fauna we so readily ascribe to the term Wilderness.

I’m interested in the Wilderness Act Performance Series so that I may not only tell stories about the park I am partnered with but also the cultural history of the space.  This opportunity to bring the story, beauty, and accessibility of our immediate natural environment is a challenge I would love to rise to.”


Simon Salt is a recent Atlanta transplant from London, England via Fort Worth Texas.

Owner and operator of Blue Cat Photography Simon has over three decades of photography experience Simon brings his expertise and creativity to your photographs.

His passion for capturing those special moments in people’s lives as well as creating moments for businesses is what drives him to continually deliver amazing results.