Kris Pilcher – Visual Artist

Kris Pilcher is a Visual Artist who is In the Present before the Future.  Kris creates the unreal, becomes yourself, embraces technology, and includes everything.

“As an urbanite my work has been centered around issues of urban experience.  Through a recent residency at the Hambidge Center for the Arts and Creative Sciences I rediscovered a nearly forgotten passionate connection with nature and our place as artistic humans within the beauty of our natural world.  The Wilderness Act Performance Series offers an opportunity for that exploration a bit closer to home.”


Pilcher photo



Kris Pilcher is a visual artist with a background in street art and theatre.  Kris melds street art, performance, and installation to create opportunities for discussion concerning societal issues and esoteric wanderings.  Kris has been a member of the Atlanta Shakespeare Company since 2006 and has worked with numerous arts organizations as an artist and organizer including: Wonderroot, N.E.M. Art collective, The Weird Sisters Theatre Project, Fern Theatre Company, The Goat Farm Arts Center, and Push Push.

Kris is a member of the Wonderroot Community Supported Arts Advisory Committee and The Castleberry Hill neighborhood Art Stroll Committee.  Kris’ work has been shown in galleries far and wide, including Chinese Characters Gallery in Budapest, Hungary; Post Crypt Gallery at Columbia University in New York; and The World Youth Forum in Geneva Switzerland, as well as shows in galleries around Atlanta, Georgia.