Mollie Taylor – Photographer/Graphic Map Designer

Mollie Taylor is a doctoral student at the Georgia Institute of Technology studying how inventors collaborate across geographical space.

“Off-and-on for years, I’ve been working on ‘Proximity’, a project documenting all the parks with trails that are inside Atlanta’s perimeter.  ‘Proximity’ is about “the undiscovered country of the nearby” and encouraging people to get out and explore parks, gardens, and cemeteries near them, as well as encouraging them to find nature and beauty in less-obvious locations.

I think this project is closely aligned with the purpose of the Wilderness Act Performance Series.”

Mollie Taylor

A native of Alabama, Mollie Taylor grew up with a deep appreciation for the rural charm of her home state.  Moving to Atlanta for college at Georgia Tech Molly was presented with the dual challenge of a meager public transportation system and a carless existence.  Coming from the woods, Mollie found a new wilderness to explore on foot.  After carefully perusing some maps and a lot of trial and error, she realized that nature is much closer than most Atlantans realize.