Edie Morton – Visual Artist

“Edie Morton channels the energy and intricacies of nature into each of her encaustic paintings.  Edie creates windows to private places.  There is a kind of harmony derived from peaceful reflection and a gut-level understanding and appreciation of the rhythms of nature.”  – Laura Goodman , Art Conservator


“I am participating in the Wilderness Act Performance Series because it enables me to work on a series inspired by my local ecosystems and places of beauty I may be overlooking.  I am excited to share the discovered environments and habitats with my friends and community.”




My creative process is influenced by Asian and Native American cultures, with a reverence for the natural world.  A life-long inspiration has been my relationship with Elkmont.  This village surrounded by the Great Smokey Mountains, fueled my artistic path.  The Great Smokey Mountains has one of the most diverse eco-systems on Earth.  It’s variety of lush flora, wildlife and the constant rushing river waters ignites a strong sense of connection and spirit.

The patterns and shapes of wings, leaves, bark, seed pods and nests have become personal symbols in my work.  These textural, weathered, sacred objects inspire my palettes, mark-making and abstract forms. Mediums are chosen for their properties of light and translucency which create optical depth.  I am drawn to encaustic as a medium for it’s sensual, translucent and meditative qualities.